EVERYONE entering MUST purchase a pass &fill out a waiver regardless of driving status.


Everyone entering the park must sign liability waiver regardless of whether they are riding or accompanying a rider.  


All riders under the age of 18 must have parent or legal guardians sign the waiver and be supervised by their parent or adult guardian at all times. 

Wristbands  must be worn throughout the entire stay at the park. Anyone found  without a wristband will be asked to leave the premises immediately and  be required to pay the entrance fee to re-enter.

NO drinking or Drugs while driving. NO alcohol on the trails. NO exceptions. All state alcohol laws apply.

No Underage Drinking. 


Seatbels MUST be worn at all times by all occupants of the vehicle. No riding in the back of of vehicles such as pickups.

Passengers may ride in off road vehicles providing there are set up to accommodate passengers.  Passengers will have to sign the same waivers as drivers.  Both passengers and drivers must wear safety belts.


 Only licensed drivers are allowed to operate an ORV in the park.  License must be valid and presented upon request.

ORVs  must pass inspection and meet ORVs  must pass inspection and meet vehicle requirements.

Stay on the trail! This is not a drive wherever you want cross-country park.


No destruction of trees or shrubs. DO NOT winch to trees!

Please leave wildlife alone.


Clean up all fluid spills.


Do not litter. Pack in – Pack out all trash.


DAMAGE, LOSS, THEFT, INJURY – AreaBFE, the owners, managers and employees of the park are NOT liable nor responsible for damage, loss, theft, of personal property or for the injury of visitors.

Be courteous to park employees and follow their instructions at all times.


Violators of any rules and regulations may result in suspension from AreaBFE.

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